We are Australia's first full-service Water Bore Drilling and Water Solution provider. GD Water Solutions is dedicated to creating an efficient, robust and renewable source of water for home owners, farmers and commercial businesses.


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Water Bores

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Schedule assessment

Uncover your properties unique, untapped potential.

water system design and report

Receive detailed viability report and tailored water solution plan.

drill and install water bore

Hassle free and safe drilling process at the scheduled time.

lab test ground water

Our NATA approved lab analyses your water sample.

fit pump, filtration and Tank

Treatment system installed for discreet and easy access.

Clean safe drinking water

Enjoy unlimited fresh, free water for long term use.

Specialising in drilling BORES for domestic, coMMERCIAL and irrigation needs.

Our Team of 80+ drilling professionals are based on the Sunshine Coast, and service Australia-wide. No job is too big or too small, our fleet of versatile, state-of-the-art drilling rigs are built to drill anywhere.

Servicing Commercial & Domestic properties.

We specialise in drilling for domestic, residential, small to medium acreage as well as irrigation, stock, and deep commercial water bores.

We operate from the Sunshine Coast and service
across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.


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Drill Rigs

The team were extremely helpful from the first enquiry right through to the drilling of our bore. They were quick to respond and to get our job done. I would highly recommend!

- Susan, Peachester, QLD


Your most common water bore questions answered.

What is a dry bore verses a wet bore?

A dry bore is where no water is found and the bore is backfilled.

A wet bore is where water is found that is of acceptable flow and quality and the bore is developed.

How long does it take to drill a water bore?

Once we have received your enquiry, we will get back to you with an idea of pricing based on your location within 24 hours . We take the time to research existing registered bores within your immediate area historical data from the DNRME Queensland Globe website in order to give you as much information as possible to help you make your decision. We are happy to answer any question you may have.

If you wish to proceed with your water bore we will send an agreement outlining our terms and conditions, along with a request for a deposit. Once these are received and signed  your booking will be confirmed in our drilling schedule.

On the day of drilling, the bore is usually able to be drilled within a full day (we like to get to site early!) however this does depend on depth and sometimes we may need to attend your property the following day to finish and tidy up.

Upon completion of the drilled bore, you will be sent a final invoice within 48 hours. Once payment is received, a bore log is submitted to the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy and you will be provided with a copy.

What is the probability of finding water?

On arrival our Drillers will liaise with you based on your geographical location and research carried out prior to arrival.

We take the time to research existing registered bores within your immediate area historical data from the DNRME Queensland Globe website.

If there are no and/or a limited number of bores in your area it could indication that either no bores have previously been attempted OR site access in your area may be too tight for a traditional water bore rig.

Does it involve much noise/mess?

Drilling a bore hole will produce several cubic metres of spoil.

We use a compressor to inject water for dust suppression that will produce muddy water. An environmentally friendly solution is used to help break down the debris which results in a large amount of foam. This foam will naturally biodegrade over a few days. A third-party vacuum truck can be booked to keep the area clean. (3rd party charges apply). Our drilling crew will do their best to contain the foam and muddy water as much as possible.

Noise – we recommend advising your neighbours that drilling will be taking place as a compressor will be running throughout the drilling process. There will also be dust and vibration.

Do we offer divining?

A lot of customers ask if we divine. Whilst GeoDrill Australia doesn’t engage in the art of water diving we are happy to consider a spot located by an independent diviner. We would prefer you to have an unbiased appraisal of your site based on water location, not ease of rig access.

We can provide you with contact phone numbers of reputable diviners.

I've got a bore, but I want to go deeper or have it cleaned out?

We do not recommend deepening existing bores. There is a high risk of damage to our rods and risk of collapse resulting in additional costs to you.

If needed we can assist with cleaning out and decomissioning of existing bores, please email water@geodrillaustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 037 455

Access prior to arrival

Your site needs to be adequately clear and free of debris for our rigs and crew to operate safely.

Overhead powerlines and Underground services will need to be clearly marked and identified.

What rigs do we operate?

GD Water Solutions operate a range of Water Bore rigs.

It is important that you pre determine which rig is suitable for your site.

GDR02 – This rig carries out 60% of our water bore drilling work.
Width 2.5m x Length 8m. Weight 13.5 Tonne.
Truck mounted

GDR06 – Tight Access Rig
Width 1.8m x Length 4m. Weight 7 Tonne.
Truck mounted
Depending on access there might be an additional charge.
This rig is in high demand and available to subject to site inspection.

GDR08 – Sandvik. This rig carries out 30% of our water bore drilling work.
Width is 2.5m x Length is 9m. Weight 26 Tonne.
Truck mounted

What happens after a successful bore?

It’s always a good feeling when we hit water! After we celebrate, the water bore is cased with PVC, gravel packed and grouted. The water bore is then air lifted and salinity tested. There will be 50cm of PVC above ground. You will require the supply and installation of a borehole pump to access water, provided by a third party.  Upon completion of the drilled water bore, you will be sent a final invoice within 48 hours. Once payment is received, a bore log is submitted to the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, and you will be provided with a copy. This contains important information that we can utilise to design a pump system that suits your water bore.

What happens after an unsuccessful bore?

Unfortunately, we don’t always hit water. The hole is backfilled with drill cuttings and the top of the hole is cemented. The finished hole looks like a circle of concrete in the ground. A bore log is submitted to the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, and you will be provided with a copy.

Do you install pumps & filtration?

We offer premium professional installation of high-calibre bore pumps and water filtration solutions. This enhancement aims to further optimise your water extraction system for increased efficiency and reliability. A copy of your bore log report showing depth, yield and quality will be emailed to you after the completion of your bore, which we then use to provide information regarding the installation of a pump.

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