Professional Pump Installation & Maintenance

Pumping Solutions For Every Water Source

A properly installed pump is the key to unlocking a reliable source of water for your household needs, farm, irrigation, or even a swimming pool! At GD Water Solutions, we specialise in professional pump installations, ensuring you get the most out of your sustainable water source.

Our professional and friendly pump expert can help determine what type and brand of pump is best suited for your bore or tank setup. GD Water solutions offers a variety of pump options:

Submersible Bore Pumps: These powerful electric pumps are ideal for deep bores. They operate underwater, efficiently drawing water from underground sources.

Above-Ground Bore Pumps: Also known as shallow well pumps, these are great for simpler land bore applications. They’re located on the surface and provide a reliable water supply for various purposes

Solar Bore Pumps: Harnessing energy from the sun, these pumps are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Perfect for off-grid locations, they ensure a continuous water supply even in remote areas.

Water Tank Pumps: These pumps extract water from your water tank by providing pressurised water for use at various tap points throughout your property.

We utilise quality brands like FluidTech Australia, Lorentz Solar, Nastec Solar, Grundfos, Franklin Electric and HydroTron to ensure we have a solution for all scenarios and budget.

If you're ready to get the most out of your water source with a custom pump install, contact GD Water Solutions today at 1300 037 455 or fill out the form below.

Our Step-By-Step Process

How It

Schedule assessment

Uncover your properties unique, untapped potential.

water system design and report

Receive detailed viability report and tailored water solution plan.

drill and install water bore

Hassle free and safe drilling process at the scheduled time.

lab test ground water

Our NATA approved lab analyses your water sample.

fit pump, filtration and Tank

Treatment system installed for discreet and easy access.

Clean safe drinking water

Enjoy unlimited fresh, free water for long term use.

The team were extremely helpful from the first enquiry right through to the drilling of our bore. They were quick to respond and to get our job done. I would highly recommend!

- Susan, Peachester, QLD

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