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Do you ever wonder what's lurking in your drinking water? At GD Water Solutions, we understand that water quality varies significantly depending on the water source and location.  Whether you rely on bore water, municipal mains, or rainwater, filtration can significantly improve the quality and safety of your water source, here's how:

  • Bore Water: Often a source of pure, clean & potable water, underground water sources (bore water) can still contain minerals like iron, salt, manganese, and even bacteria. Filtration effectively removes these impurities, leaving you with clean, healthy water.
  • Municipal Mains: Municipal water undergoes rigorous treatment, but trace amounts of chlorine and other chemicals can remain. Filtration removes these while also potentially reducing hardness, which can improve taste and be beneficial for household appliances.
  • Rainwater: While a sustainable option, rainwater can contain leaves, debris, and even bacteria. Filtration removes these contaminants, making rainwater a safe and refreshing choice for drinking or household use.

We offer multiple comprehensive water testing suites, testing for both human consumption and irrigation purposes. Our NATA-certified lab examines your water sample, identifying issues like hardness, iron, manganese, and pH imbalances and bacterial quantities. Based on the results, we design a bespoke filtration system for your property. Here are some filtration options:

  • Water Softeners: Water can be considered “hard,” and our water softeners effectively treat it. We assess flow rates and select the right softener to ensure optimal results
  • Pre-Filters: For very dirty water, pre-filters remove larger particles before further treatment. These are essential to maintain the longevity of your system.
  • UV Filtration: Eliminate microorganisms that may have bypassed other filters. UV filters ensure your water is safe and free from harmful pathogens.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): These state-of-the-art systems remove a host of contaminants from the water, including chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, hormones, viruses, and microplastics. RO works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane, filtering out dissolved solids down to an incredibly small size (0.0001 micron).

These filtration solutions come in a range of setups and can be tailored to fit any property and budget. Our filtration systems can be installed externally or even under your sink!

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Our NATA approved lab analyses your water sample.

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Treatment system installed for discreet and easy access.

Clean safe drinking water

Enjoy unlimited fresh, free water for long term use.

The team were extremely helpful from the first enquiry right through to the drilling of our bore. They were quick to respond and to get our job done. I would highly recommend!

- Susan, Peachester, QLD

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